Alsace Lait acquires Canadian Chalifoux dairy

Date: 02.11.2021Source: Processalimentaire

Twelve years after taking over Savoie Yaourt, French co-op Alsace Lait based in Hoerdt has acquired a majority stake in the Canadian dairy Chalifoux. Collaboration between the two companies began in 2015 when Alsace Lait subscribed to a stake in Chalifoux. The aim was to jointly develop fresh dairy products under the Maison Riviera brand, owned by Chalifoux.

Now the owner of the Québec dairy, Alain Chalifoux, has reached retirement age. Faced with the need to invest more, he has decided to hand over the company to his Alsatian partner. Frédéric Madon, previously general manager of Alsace Lait, decided to move to Canada last year. In an interview with Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Michel Debes, president of Alsace Lait, confirms the commitment of the on the other side of the Atlantic. “In terms of marketing and communication, we have already learned a lot from Canada. And since the North American market is often a pioneer for new trends, we will now be able to anticipate them,” he affirms.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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