Ecolean excels in Eco Best Awards 2021, Russia

Date: 19.10.2021Source: Ecolean

In this year’s Eco Best Award, global packaging supplier Ecolean won the category of Best Sustainability Company.

Ecolean’s sustainability achievements in Russia were assessed by an expert council of the award, which is being held for the fifth year in a row.

As a global packaging supplier of lightweight packaging solutions, Ecolean goes to great lengths in reducing their environmental impact at all stages of the packages’ life-cycle from production to disposal or recycling, with a strong focus on sustainable development. Earlier this year, Ecolean was ranked in the top 1 percent of 75,000 assessed companies in 200 industries and 160 countries by sustainability.

Circular practices are a must when it comes to the sustainable use of packaging and to recycle post-consumer packages, and enable new products to be produced at the end of their life-cycles, is a priority to Ecolean. In this regard, Ecolean is implementing a large-scale project to organise collection and processing of packages in various countries around the world, Russia being one of them. The project for collection and recycling of Ecolean packaging in Russia was studied in detail and evaluated by the expert council of the Eco Best Award.

The collection of Ecolean packaging has been conducted since 2019 in the Voronezh region and adjacent regions by the regional operator for the management of municipal solid waste, JSC Ecotechnology. The Voronezh region was not chosen by chance, because the partner of Ecolean – GK Molvest – is the largest dairy producer in the Central Federal District. Ecolean packaging is recycled mechanically into agglomerate or granules, which are used as recyclable materials for the manufacture of new products: paving slabs, street benches, stationery, etc. Ecolean’s recycling partner in the Central Federal District is the Tver Recycled Polymer Plant, which is part of the Ecotechnology Group.

Said Tatiana Lund, Marketing and Sales Manager, Ecolean Russia and CIS: “In the future, Ecolean intends to expand the geography of collection and processing of our packaging. Already today, the collection of sorted waste from consumers is carried out through the collection point of a large operator for the management of MSW EcoLine, Moscow, the territory of the Flacon plant; VtorPlus, an online platform for receiving recyclable materials, as well as Ecodvor.”

Added Anatoly Losev, General Director, Molvest Group: “Molvest Group, as a socially responsible company, is based on the principles of sustainable development. We take a responsible approach to our products and believe that modern packaging should have a minimal impact on nature, especially since technologies today allow us to recycle up to 60 percent of waste. Receiving an award for our packaging together with Ecolean shows that we are moving in the right direction. Taking care of the environment is a very important topic for the company and we plan to pay more and more attention to it in the future.”  For more visit Ecolean.com

David Cox / IDM

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