Emulsifier/stabiliser specialist Palsgaard shares advice

Date: 01.10.2021Source: Palsgaard


Palsgaard has emulsifier/stabiliser systems to enhance all of these recipes and more.

In these articles, we offer advice about some of the challenges producers can face. Ice cream, as everyone knows, is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, but Palsgaard has tailored emulsifier/stabiliser systems which can offer a helping hand with heat shock stability. Another issue for manufacturers is the melting resistance of frozen desserts. If you want a product that will stand on the table for an hour and still keep its shape, or conversely something which might start to melt in fifteen minutes, Palsgaard can be of assistance. We can also recommend the perfect stabiliser system for creating high overrun ice cream without compromising on quality, and in addition, we’ll help you get control over your ice cream coatings.

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Roland Sossna / IDM

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