FIPROS Nutrition enters market for private label and specialties production

Date: 13.10.2021Source: FIPROS Nutrition

Besides its core business of blending and filling milk- based powders, the co-manufacturer FIPROS Nutrition now offers new services in the fields of specialties and private label manufacturing. In spring 2020, FIPROS Nutrition opened its brand-new production site that offers blending and canning of infant-, health-, and other nutritional powder products. Under highest standards, FIPROS Nutrition has, until now, mainly processed milked-based powders for its customers in the infant nutrition segment. Because of the relatively small size, smart production set-up, and outstanding layout providing high standards of hygienic manufacturing, FIPROS Nutrition also offers a whole range of other opportunities.

Hygiene concept allows for production of specialties
“Our strength is the hygienic layout of our factory. The optimized design of the plant ensures very high hygienic conditions throughout our facility and provides safe products and working conditions. The hygienic design also makes it possible to produce under frequent shifts between batches. A minimum order quantity of two tons and an effective cleaning process that can be carried out in only 6 hours make it possible for us to process also smaller volumes and specialties such as hypoallergenic or vegan infant powders, as well as for example nutritional products for elderly people or health supplements in general,” says Conny Twisttmann, CEO of FIPROS.

All machinery is cleaned by applying dry cleaning. The comprehensive HACCP analysis has provided the foundation for the strong hygiene concept: The vertical production flow, four hygiene zones with UV/Air sluices, rigid cleaning procedures & validation, systematically trained operators, and monitoring programs ensure highest food safety standards including 100 % line clearance.

Private label products will constitute a new offer 
Besides specialties, FIPROS Nutrition now also offers the possibility to acquire recipes for private label productions. “Small or start-up companies that have a great idea or a request for a product,
can postpone or avoid the investment in their own production facility. Maybe they do not have the know-how or the resources to develop the product,” explains Conny Twisttmann. “To those
companies we are now offering finished blends.” FIPROS will of course continue to work under a hundred percent confidentiality and otherwise not engage in product development or marketing of own brands.

About FIPROS Nutrition
FIPROS Nutrition is a daughter company of FIPROS A/S, a contract manufacturing partner for high quality food processing solutions. Two highly efficient Ruberg precision batch blenders and a
compact Jorgensen Engineering canning line make the production setup for the blending and packing of powder products, including conventional and organic stage 1 to 3 infant, toddler, family and other nutritional powders. The modern, sustainable production concept uses gravity as a mean of material transportation, thereby securing an effective, gentle, and resource-saving production flow.

Read more about FIPROS Nutrition on www.fiprosnutrition.com.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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