Milcobel brings a first to the Belgian cheese market

Date: 27.10.2021Source: Milcobel

At the start of 2022, dairy cooperative Milcobel will launch its range of Brugge CO2 neutral cheeses onto the market. In doing so, the cooperative subscribes to a trend whereby sustainability and CO2 reduction are prioritised. Brugge Kaas provides high-quality, locally produced and tasty cheese and resolutely chooses to limit its ecological footprint. This makes Milcobel a trendsetter in the cheese market.

“The question of sustainability is high on our customers’ agendas, and consumers are also thinking more than ever about what they eat and where it comes from. Moreover, many consumers are looking for ways to contribute to the climate debate. By offering a CO2-neutral cheese, conscious consumers can make a more sustainable choice within the cheese range.

“Europe is raising the bar with its ‘Fit for 55’ and ‘Farm to Fork’ programmes within the Green Deal, so we want to do our bit. As a company, we consider it our duty to keep in touch with the ecological evolutions and additional requirements, but we also want to show more ambition and do our part. Through CO2 reduction and compensation, we are drastically lowering our impact.” said Thijs Keersebilck, Managing Director of Consumer Products & Service, Milcobel.

To be able to claim the label of CO2-neutral cheese credibly, Milcobel is working together with CO2Logic. There are several requirements attached to the use of the label. First of all, all greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide) in the chain are calculated ‘cradle to gate’, from cow to cheese.

Added Keersebilck: “More than half of our dairy farmers are already using renewable energy today, and two-thirds are implementing energy-reducing measures. In addition, we are participating in all kinds of pilot projects with the ILVO research institute on reducing methane emissions from cows and storing CO2 in grassland. We focus on raising awareness and stimulating sustainable projects via a sustainability premium.”  For more visit co2.bruggecheese.com/

David Cox / Arla

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