Advantages of precision fermentation für consumers and processors

Date: 24.06.2021Source: IDM


Jevan Nagarajah, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Better Dairy (UK), told the Zenith Global Dairy Congress today that dairy alternatives have been gaining ground since around the yedar 2000. Yet, today is seeing consumers demanding more in terms of sustainability, nutrition, flavour and texture etc. This is when precision fermentation kicks in. Plant-based daiyr alternatives often are not good enough when it comes to nutrition.texture, flavour and function which can clearly be seen when eating the next best plant-basaed cheese alternative.

Precision fermentation can overcome these disadvantages supplying better products. Better not only for vegans and vegetarians or flexitarians but also better for dairy consumers. As the production plant of precision fermentation is sterile, shelf-lives may be longer, products are naturally lactose-free and hormon-free as well. Processors may see potential to improve their processes as well when it comes to sustainability and more consistent product quality. As precision fermentation can be done almost anyplace, production can take place near consumption.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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