Change Foods expands to the Bay Area to advance R&D and product development

Date: 22.06.2021Source: Change Foods

Backed by several prominent investors, including Plug and Play Ventures, Clear Current Capital, Google legend Jeff Dean, Canaccord Genuity, Better Bite Ventures, and Italian fund GERBER-RAUTH among others, the company is getting closer to launching its first product, animal-free cheese, in the US in 2023.

Driven by the mission to create a sustainable, thriving and kind food system, Change Foods honed in on animal-free cheese as its first product.

Said CMO, Irina Gerry: “People love cheese. And it’s usually the last product holding consumers back from adopting a fully plant-based lifestyle, yet, cheese is second only to red meat (beef and lamb) in its carbon footprint.”

Added David Bucca, Change Foods founder & CEO: “Plant-based cheese alternatives have a taste and performance gap to animal-based dairy cheese, especially when it comes to stretch and melt. This is why we set out to make cheese without compromise. We harness the power of microbes instead of animals to create dairy foods that are indistinguishable from their animal-based predecessors on taste and texture, while delivering products that are more sustainable and better for you.

Said Christian Pichler, Chairman and CEO, GERBER-RAUTH Srl, Managing Director, L’INTERFORM Srl: “As CEO of two SMEs active in international dairy trading for over 50 years, the dairy industry is both our heritage and our future. But we realize that the dairy ecosystem cannot and will not thrive if it remains static, which is why we have always been at the forefront of innovation in our sector and why we strongly believe that an investment in Change Foods is a sound investment in the future of our industry.

Consumer preferences have expanded beyond traditional dairy products from cows and even beyond animal-derived dairy. That is why for GERBER-RAUTH, this new dairy ecosystem covers traditional animal-derived dairy, advanced plant-based alternatives, and new production technologies such as biomass and precision fermentation as well as stem-cell cultivation.

We are certain that Change Foods, with its innovative industrial IP, open and global mindset, and dynamic, dedicated, and professional team of founding managers, will be among the key players to revolutionize our industry. At GERBER-RAUTH, we are committed to being a part of this revolution”  For more visit changefoods.com

(Photo: Luis Espinosa, David Bucca, Irina Gerry, Sacha Baker)


David Cox / IDM

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