German Ehrmann dairy acquires Trewithen Dairy in the UK

Date: 26.06.2024Source: Ehrmann

Ehrmann has acquired British Cornish Farm Dairy. With 260 employees, the family business processes 100 million kg into drinking milk, butter, clotted cream and yoghurt under the Trewithen Dairy brand. Turnover is the equivalent of €150 million. In future, Ehrmann wants Cornish Farm to produce own brands such as High Protein and Grand Dessert for the UK market. The management of Trewithen, led by Paul Berne, will remain in office. Ehrmann announces investment of £20 million in additional facilities.

Trewithen Dairy is the trading name of Cornish Farm Dairy Ltd. The UK company will continue to trade under the Trewithen Dairy name, while the registered name of Cornish Farm Dairy Ltd will be changed to Ehrmann Cornish Dairy Ltd.


Roland Sossna / IDM

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