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Date: 24.06.2024Source: SÜDPACK

SÜDPACK, SN Maschinenbau and Menshen invite interested parties to take part in a top-class event on September 18 and 19, 2024. The focus of the event will be on the in-house production of spouted pouches for packaging liquid or pasty foods. The in-house exhibition will be held at SÜDPACK’s cutting-edge site in Erolzheim.

The event is intended primarily for the manufacturers and packaging companies of fruit purees, smoothies and other liquid or pasty foods that have to undergo thermal treatment after the filling process. That being said, the manufacturers and fillers of other products who have been working with pre-made pouches and would like to transition to a more economical packaging solution can also look forward an exceptional one-day in-house event that will provide extensive information, live tours and constructive networking opportunities. Straightforward, interesting and non-committal.

“Our invitation goes out to anyone who would like to see with their own eyes how easily and reliably recyclable spouted pouches can be produced in-house,” explained the three cooperation partners. The SPM 50 from SN Maschinenbau, films from SÜDPACK and spouts from Menshen are perfectly coordinated to work together, which leads to optimal packaging results with maximum process reliability and quality assurance.

All in all, the overall concept is not only sustainable, but also particularly cost effective. Producing pouches from roll stock allows for substantial savings in pouch costs as well as in the logistics and handling costs that are involved in the processing of pre-made pouches.  “As a result, the investment in a pouch making machine can already pay itself off in less than one year. Moreover, in-house production enables the needs-based production of spouted pouches in different shapes and sizes as well as the processing of different spouts. This allows producers to quickly adapt to changes in demand and shortens their lead times and time-to-market,” is the unanimous conclusion among the packaging experts.  For more and to register visit suedpack.com/hausmesse

David Cox / IDM

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