Next-generation sweet protein unearthed from fungi

Date: 17.07.2023Source: Myco Technology

MycoTechnology has announced the landmark discovery of a natural sweet protein derived from honey truffle.

This first-of-its-kind discovery paves the way for the launch of honey truffle sweetener, a potentially game-changing alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners that could reduce global sugar consumption and build towards a healthier future.

The breakthrough is the culmination of MycoTechnology’s extensive efforts to investigate the highly sought-after truffle and uncover the source of its sweet taste. The honey truffle has been consumed for centuries and valued for its uniquely delicious properties. In identifying and isolating the sweet protein, the company continues to leverage its advanced technology to harness the versatility of fungi and address new food system challenges.

Said Alan Hahn, CEO, MycoTechnology:  “Our honey truffle sweetener is derived from a protein, which brings an unprecedented level of excitement as proteins are widely recognised as the future of sweeteners. This breakthrough ushers in a new era of clean label sweeteners, revolutionising the way we create foods and beverages without relying on traditional sugar or artificial sweeteners.”

A significant development in the sweetener sector, the news is already sparking enthusiasm, with several commercial partners expressing their interest in new collaborations. MycoTechnology is developing a proprietary platform designed to scale production, minimise manufacturing costs, and optimise yield. The result is a clean, intense natural sweetness with an expected cost-in-use competitive with sugar, and absence of aftertaste.

Concluded Hahn: “The journey to discover this sweetener was fueled by a blend of tenacity, curiosity, and dedication to a healthier future. Today, we stand on the brink of a sweet revolution that could transform the food industry and consumer health in unprecedented ways.”  For more visit mycoiq.com/

David Cox / IDM

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