Showcasing new food trends at Food Ingredients Europe

Date: 27.11.2023Source: AGRANA

At FiE in Frankfurt, and alongside AUSTRIA Juice, a joint venture between AGRANA and Raiffeisen Ware Austria, AGRANA will be addressing current nutritional and beverage trends, with an ever-stronger focus on plant-based concepts such as yogurt alternatives and meat substitutes. This will involve demonstrating various concepts for manufacturers of yogurt products and plant-based yogurt alternatives as well as solutions for entirely plant-based traditional dishes.

The trade fair highlights also include vegan product variants as all-in solutions, involving fruit inclusions already mixed with plant-based yogurt alternatives meaning that food producers only need to package the finished product. For example, visitors will be able to taste, among other culinary delights, an energising coffee drink with guarana based on coconut, a creamy, spoonable dessert based on oats with pieces of mandarin cake, vegan, chocolate-covered mousse kisses with a high fruit content and both vegan tuna and curried chicken spreads.

The company will also be relying on the flavouring expertise of AUSTRIA Juice to present a new fruit preparation with plant extracts for yogurts in Frankfurt: blueberry with lavender. This product novelty joins other aromatic combinations such as ginger/lemon/hemp as well as mate/lemon. Also present at FiE are new taste combinations for the ice cream industry, a growing market in Europe, including parmesan ice cream with coffee swirls and a mango and passion fruit sorbet with baobab and chilli inclusions.

AGRANA’s starch division, widely known for its diverse GMO-free starch products based on corn, potatoes and wheat, will also be showcasing some surprises for the dinner table at the fair. At the chef’s table, where live cooking will be taking place, the menu will include curried sausage and meatballs with mashed potato, albeit completely plant-based. All of the recipes include only natural ingredients and are free of methyl cellulose. Textured wheat protein as well as cold-water swelling corn starch and potato fibres ensure the right mouthfeel sensation.

AGRANA’s broad product range is rounded off by its sugar division, with specialities such as icing, granulated and yellow sugars.  For more visit AGRANA at FiE or at agrana.com

David Cox / IDM

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