SIG’s unique drinksplus technology helps drive innovation in Thailand

Date: 04.02.2021Source: SIG

Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) has launched the first ever ambient yoghurt drinks with chewable pieces in Thailand, made possible by unique drinksplus technology from SIG.

The new range of yoghurt drinks called Chew-D offer consumers a healthy yet interesting new taste experience. The fat-free and low sugar passion fruit-flavoured yoghurt drink contains chewable pearls from the konjac plant, which grows in the tropics. This market innovation is available in combiblocMini 200ml carton packs from SIG and can be filled on SIG’s standard filling machines for beverages.

The nutritious chewable pearls in Chew-D ambient yoghurt drinks are valuable not just as components of a balanced diet, but also as a perceived and rated added value. Their special consistency provides great taste and a fun drinking experience. SIG’s new yet proven drinksplus technology makes it possible to aseptically fill carton packs with beverages containing up to 10 percent pieces – from fruit and vegetables to nuts and grains.

Said acting DPO Deputy Director Suchart Chariyalertsak: “With the launch of Chew-D using SIG’s drinksplus technology, DPO has been able to enter a new market segment and bring true innovation to the Thai beverage market. This new product development also brings added value for our company, as we’ve been able to easily produce drinksplus products on our existing filling technology from SIG.”

SIG uses an advantageous sleeve system, where each carton is individually shaped, filled and ultrasonically sealed above the filling line, not through the actual product. This guarantees the aseptic safety of the product and is why drinksplus products with perceptible pieces can be filled on standard SIG filling machines for beverages, once equipped with an easy-to-install ‘drinksplus upgrade kit’. The particulates can be up to six millimetres in length and width. Drinking straws are up to eight millimetres in diameter, which makes drinking the product easy and fun.

Added Vatcharapong Ungsrisawasdi, Country Manager Thailand at SIG: “Beverage manufacturers all over the world are seeking new growth opportunities and the challenge is to develop the right kind of product for the right target group. Our expert team worked closely with DPO to make it possible for the company’s top-quality beverages to include the chewable extras – offering something exciting, nutritious and different to its health-conscious consumers.”

The partnership between SIG and DPO offers true product innovation and differentiation as part of SIG’s Value Proposition, which aims to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs. For more visit sig.biz

David Cox / IDM

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