IFF announces CHOOZIT FIT for the perfect Mozzarella

Date: 06.10.2021Source: IFF (image - Lena May/Shuttersock.com)

IFF announced today the launch of CHOOZIT FIT, a culture series for pasta filata cheese makers in Brazil. Unlike other solutions available on the market, CHOOZIT FIT is a unique phage-robust culture series that allows medium-sized cheese producers to create high-quality, stretchable mozzarella with an extremely robust and consistent quality.

Mozzarella, found on around 80 percent of the world’s pizzas, is the top-selling type of cheese in Brazil, enjoyed by pizza lovers for its characteristic stretch and meltability. Increasingly, consumers are looking for affordable pizzas with consistent cheese quality, and cheese makers who deliver delicious, reliable mozzarella are in demand.

Medium-sized pizza cheese makers have long struggled to produce consistent, quality mozzarella due to challenges in the production process, including inconsistent vat-to-vat performance, a slow fermentation process and excessive moisture loss. The CHOOZIT FIT series offers key advantages, including providing cheese makers optimum control over the fermentation process, uniform vat-to-vat quality, and optimum yield – all with maximum cost efficiency and an improved cheese quality.

The CHOOZIT FIT series – with four true, biodiverse rotations – was designed to overcome the risk of fermentation delays due to challenging phage issues at the plant. The cultures deliver on performance, providing fast and consistent acidification that gives mozzarella optimal stretchability and melting properties with reduced moisture loss.

Said Annie Mornet, senior business director, Cheese, IFF: “As the demand for high-quality mozzarella rises across the global pizza industry, pizza cheese makers are looking for solutions that help them meet their potential for consistent, delicious cheese that is still affordable for consumers. With the CHOOZIT FIT series, medium-sized mozzarella makers can create a delicious, stretchy, consistent cheese that pizza lovers in Brazil are craving for. Moreover, with its highly biodiverse strain compositions within its four rotations, the CHOOZIT FIT series gives cheese makers peace of mind when it comes to phage issues during production unlike any other cultures on the market.”  For more visit  dupontnutritionandbiosciences.com/products/choozit-fit-new-phage-robust-culture-series.html

David Cox / IDM

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