10 Current Trends in Filtration and Separation

Date: 23.11.2023Source: FILTECH

The global market for industrial filtration is expected to continue growing at a considerable rate in the coming years. Despite global crises, growth remained constant in 2023 – as was also evident at FILTECH. Here is a snapshot of trends that will support growth and shape the industry in the coming year.

Apart from digitalisation and sustainability, which topics will occupy the industry in the near future? An overview presents ten important developments that will shape various fields of application in separation technology.

AI: Boost for soft drinks

With expected growth rates of more than 30 percent over the next few years, it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential for practically all industries and areas of application.

Air separators: High demands on air filtration

Air classifiers are used in various industries to separate materials based on their specific weight or particle size. They are particularly important in recycling, where they separate a wide variety of materials such as plastic, paper, glass, and metals, thus supporting the transformation to a circular economy.

Mobile screening plants: electrification is picking up speed

In passenger vehicles, electrification is progressing in leaps and bounds. The situation is different for commercial vehicles and mobile equipment – for now.

Filtration as a Service

Will operators of separation technology systems no longer buy filter elements in future, but book throughputs? ‘Filtration as a Service’ (FaaS) is a concept that transfers elements of the ‘as-a-Service’ model to the field of filtration technology.

Cooling compressors: Filtration of the lubricating oil is crucial

Refrigeration compressors are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to absorb heat. They play a crucial role in generating cold and controlling temperatures in various applications. To ensure that the systems work safely and efficiently, they rely on pure lubricating oil – a challenge for modern filtration technology.

Parts cleaning: Filter systems for uncompromising quality

Parts cleaning places similarly high demands on filtration solutions as refrigeration systems. After all, maximum cleanliness is required for many parts and components – in automotive applications as well as in precision mechanics. Clean components prevent wear and damage, ensure functionality and quality, and improve the efficiency of production and assembly.

Pharmaceutical production: Safe products thanks to activated carbon

Even greater demands than for industrial parts apply in the production of food and beverages, but especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, more and more manufacturers are turning to activated carbon.

Wine: Filtration problems due to Botrytis- and Oidium-contaminated grapes

Oversupply or shortage? On the one hand, in 2023 there were extensive reports about the French wine harvest and that the government wants to remove surplus wine from the market and compensate winegrowers. On the other hand, more and more traditional wine regions are expecting declining harvests due to climate change. In addition, large proportions of grapes are infested with botrytis or oidium.

Fruit juice: Harvest problems lead to falling volumes

Harvest problems are also causing problems for more and more producers of non-alcoholic beverages. For example, the World Apple and Pear Association reports that the apple and pear harvest is expected to decline in 2023 due to droughts, flooding, hail, warm nights, and an increased risk of pests – with a corresponding impact on the quantity and quality of yields.

Food: Stricter regulations through better testing procedures

Whether aromatic hydrocarbons in food or brewing residues in beer, the increasing accuracy of testing methods in food production has a significant impact on the requirements for and use of filtration systems. This is because the more accurate the detection of contaminants, the greater the need to use filtration systems with higher precision that are able to effectively remove even the smallest particles or contaminants.

Innovative solutions for complex processes

Few disciplines in industrial production are as diverse as separation technology. In all areas, the filtration and separation market is prepared for growth and change. Advanced technologies, IoT integration and a commitment to sustainability are driving the industry forward.

The international meeting place for industry experts

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David Cox / IDM

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