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Date: 11.06.2021Source: Agrana

As part of AGRANA Fruits latest Consumer Megatrends the company has just published the latest trendblog which focuses on “How to help consumers incorporate more fruits & vegetables into their diet”.

Enough intake of fruits and vegetables is a key contributor to a healthy nutrition. The United Nations has named 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. With this they are spotlighting the vital role fruits and vegetables play in human nutrition and for food security, but they also urge efforts for a more sustainable production and the reduction of food waste. Also as a result of Covid-19 the focus of consumers has shifted to healthier nutrition. Since many consumers are struggling to incorporate enough fruits and vegetables into their diet, AGRANA Fruit suggests convenient ways on how to integrate more fruits and vegetables in every day life. This creates also a big opportunity for the food industry to provide ready-made healthy products.

To read the full trendblog, visit: https://international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/af-fruit-trends/boosting-your-health-with-fruits-vegetables


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Roland Sossna / IDM

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