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Date: 26.09.2023Source: dsm-firmenich

dsm-firmenich is to showcase how it is ‘bringing progress to life in the human health arena at SupplySide West 2023 – spotlighting its purpose-led innovation platforms to deliver solutions for gut support, cognitive performance, and women’s wellness. dsm-firmenich is championing proactive health throughout life, without compromise. Representatives from dsm-firmenich will also be present to elaborate on how the recent merger, uniting two iconic companies powered by world-class science, is poised to elevate its offering further by combining the essential, the desirable, and the sustainable.

With interest in gut health at an all-time high, dsm-firmenich will showcase its pioneering Health from the Gut platform – revealing how its first-of-a-kind platform is set to inspire the next generation of dietary supplement solutions in the growing gut health arena. The company will spotlight its recent acquisition of Adare Biome, a trailblazer in postbiotics, which will expand the portfolio beyond the realms of human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) prebiotics and enzymes.

Said Penny Antonopoulos, Senior Director, Marketing & Business Development – NA HNC: “We’ve reimagined the approach to innovation in the gut health space; combining multi-ingredient solutions, leading-edge scientific expertise and deep consumer insights designed to unlock the holistic health possibilities of the gut microbiome at every life stage. Our acquisition of Adare Biome is a recent example of our investment to progress in this field. Now, we are able to harness the exciting possibilities of postbiotic products, propelling the dietary supplements sector toward delivering novel solutions. Initially, we’ll be leveraging a proprietary bacterial combination Humiome™ Post LB featuring L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii, developed via Adare Biome’s patented ECHO™ process. The blend has undergone over a century of investigation resulting in more than 40 scientific publications in the digestive and immune health realm. This new addition to our Health from the Gut portfolio unlocks the potential for unique combinations with other ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes in innovative and enjoyable formats.”

dsm-firmenich will also be highlighting its end-to-end capabilities across the spectrum of women’s health, including its cutting-edge solutions for the motherhood journey and healthy aging. At its dedicated Women’s Health area, the company will present concepts including its hero ingredients – life’sDHA®,geniVida® and Vertis™ CanolaPRO®.

With female consumers looking for more personalised solutions, supplement marketers could leverage two additional novel solutions from dsm-firmenich to deliver targeted nutrition for different life stages: Vertis™ CanolaPRO®, a high-purity, plant-based protein isolate designed to help women meet age-related protein needs, without impacting the planet; and geniVida®, a soy-free, non-GMO genistein-based nutraceutical, clinically proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of menopause-induced hot flashes.

Now more than ever, consumers are thinking about all aspects of brain health including cognitive performance, mood, mental well-being and sleep. dsm-firmenich’s portfolio of products can help address brain health needs ranging from the foundational (key nutrients the brain requires to function properly) to the functional (nutrients that help support cognitive performance like recall, attention, and visual processing speed). In addition, consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and impact to the planet for the products they choose.

dsm-firmenich is answering these consumer demands by not only offering sustainably sourced and science backed brain nutrients, but also using their expertise to develop fun, great tasting, and unique formats that are sure to delight. The company invites its visitors to experience how its solutions can make the essential, desirable.

dsm-firmenich continues to lead the way in the omega-3 market with life’s®OMEGA: 100% plant-based omega-3, sustainably harvested with ZERO impact on marine ecosystems. The life’s® portfolio continues to expand with their newest launch of life’s®OMEGA 03020, the first and only single source algal omega-3 with the same EPA/DHA ratio naturally found in fish oil, but at twice the potency.

Also featured at the booth will be the new life’s® O33-P100 powder, algal based EPA+DHA which offers significantly higher loading possibilities in gummies and other powdered formats.

Omega-3s are one of the most popular and recognized nutrients and have been studied not only for their cardiovascular and visual health, but for their brain and eye health benefits as well. Moreover, research on omega-3s, continues to advance for adult brain health and these ingredients are taking front stage for outcomes such as cognitive performance, mood, well-being, and sleep. Demand is likely to continue growing, as it has been estimated that 80% of the world’s population do not consume the daily recommended 250 mg of omega-3 (EPA and DHA).

dsm-firmenich’s experts will be on hand to discuss its recent merger – and how it will combine the essential, desirable and sustainable to ‘bring progress to life’ in the dietary supplement market.

Said Eric Choban, Head of North America, Health, Nutrition & Care, dsm-firmenich: “The formation of dsm-firmenich brings together two iconic companies to create an industry-defining business with an exceptionally strong innovation platform. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business and we welcome all to booth to learn more about how this union will transform the global health and nutrition industry to support customers’ innovations – from concept to consumer.”  For more visit booth #4764 at SupplySide West or dsm-firmenich.com

David Cox / IDM

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