DMK Group expands its Milram brand business

Date: 17.07.2020Source: DMK Group




The DMK Group has repositioned itself as part of its “Vision 2030”. Based on a deep understanding of consumers, the company consistently focuses on its customers’ needs. In this context, the range of high-protein Milram brand products was successfully placed under a common concept umbrella as early as May 2020. As of September, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative is extending this approach to two further product groups using the slogan “For smart guys and gals”: with “Skyr cheese” and “Skyr & Smoothie” desserts, Milram is now creating one of the broadest product lines for high-protein chilled retail products.

The DMK Group’s focus on product solutions that offer real added value is already bringing success, especially in the domestic market. Lifestyle and healthy nutrition, like protein, are important trends that lead to a growing market for protein-rich products. What was once a niche topic for sports enthusiasts has now become a major food trend. The DMK Group is providing fresh impetus in this growth market with the Milram brand’s new protein range. Rather than emphasising topics such as muscle-building in expanding its portfolio, Milram has decided to focus on what is ultimately the main purpose of combining exercise and good nutrition: to look good and to show it. “We celebrate that with the north German expression, ‘Für schmucke Deerns und Kerls’, which means ‘For good-looking young men and women’, as the claim on our products. In combination with a fresh, Nordic design, our protein range appeals to a broad target group who pay attention to their diet and enjoy exercising,” explains Matthias Rensch, COO of the Business Unit Brand at the DMK Group. “In doing so, we are taking the topic of ‘protein’ out of its niche and showing that our strategy can boost the market in many categories and reach new, younger target groups.”

The company shows how this works with Milram Skyr. With its 30 percent protein content, this is the champion among the protein-rich Skyr products. The sour milk cheese with Skyr cultures will appear in two practical formats: as a block to slice for bread and salad or as minis for a healthy snack between meals. By embedding it in the new protein range, Milram is appealing to new, younger buyers in the market for traditional sour milk cheese, which is actually currently stagnating. While the general sales volume decreased last year, products with a focus on protein were able to increase their sales significantly.

In addition to Milram Skyr cheese, Milram Skyr & Smoothie brings another innovation to the protein market: with lots of protein, no added sugar, no flavourings and no additives, these superfood smoothies in the double-chambered cup also aim to win over the health-conscious. The new products are being introduced to a high-growth market. This is because products in the category of fruit quark with protein grew disproportionately in 2019 at 27 percent and now account for 29 percent of the total fruit quark market. In addition, this category is recording double-digit growth rates in terms of buyer households and purchasing volume.

In conjunction with POS campaigns, PR, online and social media, Milram intends to continue the positive development of the new umbrella concept “For smart guys and gals”.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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