European seller introducing mozzarella

Date: 09.04.2024Source: Global Dairy Trade

GDT has announced the availability of European-origin products available as GDT Events continues to grow. In September, European seller, Arla Foods will begin offering Mozzarella blocks on GDT Events. The dairy cooperative is owned by more than 9,700 farmers in seven countries in Northern Europe and has participated in 277 Trading Events since joining GDT in 2012.

The GDT Events auction service is the world’s pre-eminent price discovery platform for globally traded dairy products, bringing together buyers and sellers of dairy ingredients from 70 countries to trade US$2-3 billion annually. GDT’s credible, market-based reference prices play an important role in allowing buyers and sellers to trade with confidence in global and regional dairy markets. For more visit globaldairytrade.info


David Cox / IDM

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