Expanding product offerings on GDT Pulse

Date: 01.09.2023Source: GDT Pulse / Fonterra

Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has announced that Fonterra plans to widen its product range on GDT Pulse for the remainder of the pilot period.

Starting in October 2023, Fonterra will introduce both Instant Whole Milk Powder and Skim Milk Powder in addition to the Whole Milk Powder Regular Contract Period 2 currently being offered. This expansion is expected to attract more participants and further enhance market liquidity.

Since its joint launch by GDT and Fonterra approximately a year ago, the pilot version of GDT Pulse has sought to expand GDT’s service offering for buyers and sellers by facilitating more frequent price discovery.

If the pilot is deemed successful, GDT will consider investing in platform upgrades to ensure scalability and explore the possibility of offering more auctions. Furthermore, the platform aims to broaden its scope by inviting other sellers to offer their products, promoting increased diversity and expanding market opportunities for buyers.

Fonterra has officially disclosed specifics regarding their intended supply through the GDT Events Market Announcement to NZX and GDT Events Bidder Portal. For more visit globaldairytrade.info

David Cox / IDM

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