Granarolo increases milk pool

Date: 19.05.2020Source: il sole 24

Italian co-op Granlatte post a turnover of €288 million (+7%) in 2019. Milk deliveries reached 645m kg (+3.8%). Currently the raw milk intake is continuing to rise, in the first four months of this year 12.3% more milk was processed and a purchase guarantee was given to suppliers. Granlatte expect a milk pool of 693m kg for the year as a whole. The milk price paid in 2019 is  48.21c.

Granlatte is the basic cooperative of Granarolo (turnover 2019: € 1.31bn). In a declining market for liquid milk, the company was able to increase its sales volume by 7% in recent months. Granarolo attributes its success to its communication strategy and an attractive price positioning of €1.49 per litre.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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