IFF launches new YO-MIX ViV in Asia Pacific

Date: 07.06.2021Source: IFF

IFF has announced the launch of YO-MIX ViV, a ground-breaking new solution for ambient yogurt and other fermented drinks producers in Asia Pacific, with a focus on China. Unlike other solutions available on the market, YO-MIX ViV is a unique culture that for the first time, allows producers to offer ambient yogurt and other fermented beverages to contain highly stable live cultures throughout shelf life. Developed with IFF’s expertise in lactic acid bacteria and fermentation, YO-MIX ViV represents an exciting new choice for both producers and consumers who seek dairy options with extremely robust live cultures.

Consumers around the world are increasingly aware that products containing probiotics and live cultures have numerous health benefits, particularly gut health and digestibility. Globally, yogurt has become a popular choice because it often contains live cultures. In China, ambient yogurt is a convenient fermented snack, ideal for on-the-go consumption. It is also widely believed to be a source of healthy live cultures, a perception that drives frequent consumption. According to Kantar’s consumer statistics, by the first half of 2020, 72.3 percent of Chinese urban consumers had consumed ambient yogurt.

Traditionally, there have been limitations to contain live cultures in ambient yogurt and other dairy products throughout shelf life due to the manufacturing process. With the new YO-MIX ViV culture, producers can now offer ambient yogurt products that deliver the same level of live cultures as fresh yogurt and other fermented foods.

YO-MIX ViV is a lactic acid bacteria culture from natural fermented plant-based food, sourced in China. YO-MIX ViV brings out all that is best in a traditional fermented dairy product. The result is a premium long shelf-life yogurt that meets the high standards of quality and safety while delivering stable, active live cultures backed by a reliable on-pack claim, meeting the consumers’ need for a healthy everyday diet. According to an internal IFF survey with 1,280 Chinese consumers across China, 90 percent say they are ready to try ambient yogurts with live cultures.

Said Dr. Susan Jin, regional business leader, HMO’s, Probiotics, Cultures and Dairy Enzymes, Asia Pacific, IFF: “YO-MIX ViV provides yogurt producers with the ability to offer consumers who prefer to have live cultures, the sensory experience, texture and nutrition found in fresh yogurts but have been found them inconvenient to consume and with a short shelf life. Dairy manufacturers now have the excellent opportunity to produce ambient yogurt and other long shelf-life fermented products with a live culture claim on the label. This is the latest example on how we apply our expertise in fermentation and dairy cultures to bring transformative solutions to yogurt producers.”  For more visit dupontnutritionandbiosciences.com/product-range/dairy-cultures/yogurt-cultures.html

David Cox / IDM

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