Ionbond introduces safe, high-performance coatings

Date: 28.04.2021Source: ionbond

The food processing industry is massive and growing, driving huge demand for food processing equipment and their wear parts and consumables. In addition, food supply chains span the globe, fuelling the need for food packaging components. Increasing wear resistance and component longevity is an important way to increase competitiveness and drive down costs.

IHI Ionbond newly offers a variety of high-performance coatings, which have proven themselves in the tool, industrial components and automotive industries, for the food processing industry. The coatings have US FDA Food Contact (TOR) approvals, which was established after strict tests of biocompatibility, migration, wear and dissolution in various environment.

Ionbond offers food contact coatings for a large range of substrate materials. Depending on substrate temperature resistance and choice, our coatings can be deposited at temperatures ranging from 100°C to 950°C. The thickness can vary from 1 to 10 micrometre, depending on the application and substrate materials, and come in a variety of colours. The coatings are used in food processing due to their outstanding mechanical and tribological properties:

  • Abrasion resistance for reduced wear on machines and components
  • Anti-sticking properties to prevent food from sticking to the tools and machine components during processing (e.g. pasta’s, dough, candy)
  • Performance under dry, low-lubrication conditions, excellent when direct contact with food and oil is not allowed. For instance, in liquid pumps for beer and milk, transportation, etc, stainless steel is running against stainless steel.

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David Cox / IDM

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