New HYGiTip bag emptying system from GEA ensures higher product safety and efficiency

Date: 30.07.2020Source: GEA

The new HYGiTip bag emptying system from GEA safely and efficiently opens and discharges 25kg bags of powdered ingredients into food production lines automatically, without operator involvement, minimising contamination risks and virtually eliminating powder waste. The new system, which maintains control of the bag at all times, ensures accurate repeatability and safely extracts the waste packaging for recycling. The HYGiTip can be used in a wide range of processing applications, including: milk powders, nutritional formula, dairy and food ingredients, coffee, tea, bakery and confectionery ingredients and pet food.

As the demand for convenience food continues to grow, food producers are continually looking for ways to increase automation, reduce labour costs and improve overall efficiency. With more than six million tons of dairy powder packed into 25kg bags every year – most destined for secondary processing, of which 90 percent are opened by hand – the ability to handle bags automatically represents a major step forward for the food processing industry.

Fully enclosed, automatic bag emptying system

The HYGiTip is a fully enclosed automatic bag emptying system that is hygienic, safe and ensures product integrity while reducing operating costs. The complete system receives depalletised bags which are introduced manually using a vacuum lifter or robotic depalletiser; removes the Kraft paper outers manually from the bags and separates them for recycling; sterilises the plastic inner packaging using UV light; conditions, inverts and discharges the bag contents into the receiving system; and removes the used packaging for recycling.

Positive Grip and Clean Cut

Key features of the new HYGiTip include the Positive Grip mechanism (patent pending) and the Clean Cut rotary blades. The Positive Grip mechanism controls the bag during the entire process. Once gripped, the clamping device inverts the bag to a vertical position where static bag spikes penetrate the body of the bag prior to cutting; this provides further support and equalises the pressure within the bag to aid powder discharge. Handling the bag in this way ensures reliable repeatability and mitigates any distortion of the bag which would otherwise leave powder residue behind. The bag is always held away from the powder stream to minimise the risk of contamination.

The Clean Cut system has twin, non-serrated, curved slicing knives that use a rotary action to slice open the bags. The absence of any sawing action means plastic contamination cannot be introduced to the downstream process. The knives cut through the bags on three sides, from the inside out, allowing the bottom corners of the suspended bag to be unfolded and cut simultaneously, preventing pockets that could trap powder and therefore maximising discharge efficiency.

Protecting valuable assets

Said Kyle Hogarty, Product Manager, Powder Packing at GEA: “Once bagged, the powder contents are at their most valuable and vulnerable state. This is the exact point where the most care must be taken because this product is exposed to the highest risk of foreign body and pathogen contamination due to the manual handling and the presence of hand-held sharp knives. Our new HYGiTip eliminates this risk and improves the efficiency of the entire plant” For more visit gea.com

David Cox

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