NEWTRITION X.: Personalised nutrition in practice

Date: 27.07.2021Source: foodRegio e.V.

After being put on hold last year as a result of the pandemic, foodRegio e.V. will host the third edition of NEWTRITION X. Innovation Summit as a hybrid offering in Cologne on 12 October 2021. The one-day event will address decision-makers from the food industry, nutrition and retail trade, working in the fields of innovation, business development, nutrition, health and wellbeing. With its motto ‘Personalised Nutrition in Practice’, the focus will be firmly on the practical implementation of related concepts within the food and drink industry. Attendees can look forward to a varied programme of nine presentations from speakers renowned in their fields.

Peter Heshof, from BLOOM trend and marketing agency, will be the keynote speaker. Addressing the question ‘What do consumers want next?’, he will talk about the most relevant food trends, and explore the potential for the personalised nutrition sector. He’ll also explain the developments relating to his proprietary ‘zeitgeist’ model, demonstrating that food trends are no coincidence but rather driven by the fixed cycle of the zeitgeist – the dominant mentality in society.

One thing of which today’s consumers are convinced is the notion: ‘I am Different’, hence the demand for customised and personalised solutions will continue to grow. Peter Heshof will talk about the opportunities for business and brands, and give some inspiration as to how to turn the most recent scientific findings into appealing, consumer-oriented concepts.

Said Heshof: “For big companies, it is hard to make a million personalised products. But what they can do is to create a million personalised advices and indicate which existing products work best. Food companies should therefore work together with distinguished companies from the ecosystem of Personalised Nutrition to help them innovate and ensure they are future-proof.”

Sergej Vdovitchenko will use the Innovation Summit as a platform to introduce the first direct-to-consumer food web shop that uses Personalised Nutrition as a guiding principle. The shop ‘My Healthy Food’ aims to combine the benefits of biodiversity through functional ingredients with the world of Personalised Nutrition, and increasing consumer demand for healthier and life-enhancing food. Key topics are health prevention, sports and active nutrition, as well as weight management. Following an AI-driven approach based on an individual’s microbiome, the web shop guides consumers towards healthier food choices and enables them to make decisions based on what is best for their own particular metabolism. Plus, the web shop acts as a platform for customers to share their experiences and stories relating to ‘My Healthy Food’ products, thus demonstrating the long-term purpose and mission of this project.

Between the presentations, there are breaks scheduled for networking and Q&A sessions; the realisation of networking opportunities, however, will be subject to latest corona regulations. For more visit newtritionx.com/en


Market and trends

Keynote speaker: Peter Heshof, Founder BLOOM, Trend & Marketing Agency, Zeitgeist-trendwatcher and Consultant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

Michael Gusko, Chairman of the foodRegio Focus Group on Personalised Nutrition and Global Director Innovation, GoodMills Group, Vienna, Austria.  


Mariette Abrahams, Founder & CEO of Qina (a platform that helps companies find, navigate and compare ecosystem partners in Personalised Nutrition), Faro, Portugal. 

Sergej Vdovitchenko, Business Developer and Co-Lead for Innovation, My Healthy Food, Vienna, Austria

Academia and medicine

Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Schröder, Medical Director, Perfood GmbH (Europe’s leading research company in the analysis of the human microbiome and individual metabolism), Lübeck, Germany. 

Rachel Clarkson, Dietitian, The DNA Dietitian, London, UK. 

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Sina, Director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine and Head of the Section, Nutritional Medicine, University of Lübeck, Germany. 


Benedikt Kurz, Business Development Manager, Garmin Health (one of the world’s leading companies in the field of wearable fitness technology), Würzburg, Germany.  

Melissa Snover, CEO and founder, Nourished (Europe’s first company to market 3D printing for Personalised Nutrition), Birmingham, UK. 


Mariette Abrahams

David Cox / IDM

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