Packo introduces hygienic colloid mill – series CM

Date: 10.06.2021Source: Packo Pumps

With the high-shear pumps SFP2 & SFP3, Packo entered the market of hygienic mixing applications about 5 years ago. Today, the company make a next step by introducing an all new colloid mill for the wet size reduction of solids in suspension and for pulping and mashing applications of bulky solids.

The CM is a hygienic colloid mill with toothed rotor and stator in electropolished duplex stainless steel. It is used to grind particles in suspension precisely and with reproducible results in an annular gap between the stator and rotor which can be adjusted by changing the axial position of the rotor. The rotor and stator contain 2 milling zones and thanks to the high shear forces between rotor and stator the CM will also mix the fluid.

The rotor with integrated centrifugal impeller improves suction capability and creates additional discharge pressure. The helicoidal grooves in the rotor guarantee quiet operation. All parts of the CM that come into contact with the product to be ground are in electropolished 316L or duplex and both motor and seals are standardised.

The Packo CM colloid mill is used for a wide range of purposes in the production line in the general food, fruit & vegetable and cosmetic industry. The principal applications are wet size reduction of solids in suspension, pulping and mashing of bulky solids and generation of high viscous suspensions and emulsions. For more visit packopumps.com

David Cox / IDM

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