Parma, the capital of the technological sector for food & beverage

Date: 24.10.2023Source: Cibus Tec

The 53rd edition of Cibus Tec, which runs until October 27, was opened by Franco Mosconi, President of Fiere Parma, saying: “Fiere di Parma it is a special place, in which the authentic beauties of this country are periodically on display: art, antiques, tourism, good food. With Cibus Tec, however, it takes the visitor inside an ideal factory of the future in which one can experience first-hand all the processes – of very high technical depth – that bring the foods and drinks we consume daily to our tables. All this gives enormous prominence to the food tech supply chains and manufacturing excellence of our territory and of Italy as a whole, attracting highly qualified exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, certain of finding here in one place, the best and most advanced solutions technologies and innovations for the food industry.”

Testifying to the marked internationality of the event, thanks to the precious collaboration of the ICE Agency and the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, is the presence at the fair, in these days, of 3000 VIP Visitors, Top Buyers and main figures of food & beverage companies from over 60 countries.

Said Vincenzo Colla, Councilor for Economic Development and Green Economy, Work, Training and International Relations – Emilia Romagna Region: “With Cibus Tec, Parma and Emilia-Romagna confirm the excellence of a territory, like ours, where the food&beverage industry drives all economic sectors: obviously the primary sector, certainly the tertiary sector, but also a secondary sector of excellence in processing and product transformation. We are talking about precision mechanics, high technology and continuous innovation to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly attentive to the sustainability and quality of every single production step. An area in which Italy and Emilia-Romagna in particular, know how to compete in the world and create important added value, lots of employment and quality skills. And this is why as a Region we have invested to support the first master’s degree in gastronomic sciences in Parma.”

Finally, the inauguration ceremony was an opportunity to present the data from the first Cibus Tec machinery observatory for food & beverage, which aims to measure and monitor the size, performance, markets and competitiveness of the supply chain on an international scale.

The meeting was concluded by Emanuele Di Faustino, Head of Industry, Retail and Services at Nomisma, who oversaw the implementation of the project and stated: “Despite the uncertain international macro-economic and geopolitical scenario, the opportunities for a further expansion of Italian exports of Food & Beverage technologies and machinery in the coming years are plausible.  The market of greatest interest for Italian companies is certainly the United States, the main world importer (7 billion euros in 2022) and the first destination for Made in Italy exports (1.2 billion euros), a record destined to remain so also in the future thanks to an expanding food industry and significant growth rates in the demand for Italian machinery. Precisely in light of this strategic nature, the USA was the first market to be studied in depth within the newly created Machinery Observatory for Food & Beverage created by Nomisma for Cibus Tec. 

It is a market which is continuing its growth also in 2023 (+18% imports from Italy in the first 6 months of the year compared to an average of +10%) and which presents precise specificities among several federal states. Although the overall demand for made-in-Italy machines is concentrated in California and in the states of the Midwest, South and East Coast, for each segment there are their own reference markets: for food processing the first export destination is California, while for bottling and packaging they are New York and Georgia respectively.”  For more visit cibustec.it


David Cox / IDM

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