Plant-based desserts for pure indulgence

Date: 03.06.2024Source: Planteneers

According to Innova Market Insights, in the steadily growing market for plant-based dairy alternatives, analogues to yogurt, ice cream, and dessert are among the most important categories and in addition to products with health benefits, pure indulgence is becoming more of a focus. Alternatives to tiramisu, cheesecake, pudding, and creamy fermented desserts are seeing correspondingly high demand.

Said Linda Eitelberger, Planteneers Product Manager: “We can only confirm it. More and more customers want products that focus more on enjoyment, in addition to health aspects.”

Whether based on oat, soy, or coconut drink, whether chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel, Planteneers’ functional system of starch and hydrocolloids enables the production of many different pudding specialties. High protein versions are also possible. Here, Planteneers supplies an integrated compound; its functional system contains proteins as well as stabilisers. The final product has a protein content of ten percent, a very creamy texture, and a full mouthfeel. Most importantly, despite the high protein content it also meets the indulgence requirement.

Added Eitelberger: “The combination of different plant-based proteins has to harmonise in terms of flavour, and have a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel. This is often a challenge with protein-rich products.”

The functional system for a fermented oat dessert is new. This creamy dessert can be mixed with many different fruit preparations to get a final product with eleven percent fat, ten percent sugar, and three percent protein. In taste and texture, this plant-based dessert is comparable to fruity cream yogurts and quark desserts. The system consists of plant protein, modified starch, and emulsifier. It can be processed into a dessert easily on the standard equipment used in yogurt production.

Planteneers has also developed a solution for a plant-based mascarpone alternative. This functional system of starch, plant protein, plant fibre, pectin, and emulsifier is worked into a smooth base with water and fat. It features a rich mouthfeel and neutral taste. Manufacturers can bring it to market as a pure product in its own right, or work it into vegan tiramisu or similar layered desserts. Solutions for alternatives to cream cheese or quark provide further inspiration. Both products are very well suited to making plant-based cheesecake versions or corresponding desserts.

Judging by the food trade shows, soft-serve ice cream is enjoying a renaissance. This is especially the case in the plant-based space. With a system from the fiildDairy ICM series, plant-based alternatives to soft-serve ice cream mixes can be made by the UHT process. The ice cream has very good melt properties, a creamy mouthfeel, and a smooth surface. What’s more, thanks to the functional system the soft-serve product is easy to fill into cones from a machine. Planteneers also has suitable solutions for plant-based classic scoop ice cream. The final product likewise features a soft melt, pure flavour, and a rich, creamy mouthfeel.  For more visit planteneers.com

David Cox / IDM

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