Presenting new highlights from its portfolio at premier events

Date: 13.11.2023Source: Planteneers

Planteneers will be presenting new highlights from its portfolio at the Plant Based World Expo taking place in London and Fi Europe in Frankfurt. These include high moisture extrudate for the production of plant-based meat alternatives, as well as new compounds for making plant-based whitefish and salmon alternatives. Functional systems for high-protein yogurt alternatives, enriched cheese snacks, and other trendy plant-based solutions are also on offer. In cooking sessions attendees can experience live and in person how the final products perform in prepared dishes. The company will also supply further inspiration with the New Product Development Workshop at PBWE and in one-on-one talks at FiE in Frankfurt.

Although rightly proud of winning the Technology Innovation Award in New York for the Plantbaser digital product configurator, the upcoming show in London will focus on new products, including fiildTex M 141001. This high moisture pea protein extrudate provides the basis for tender meat alternatives of unusual quality. The texturate is available in various forms, like chunks and kebab, which feature a fibrous, meat-like texture. Another plus point is the high protein content of 30g per 100g final product. Planteneers customers can resell the product as a meat alternative or use it as a component in ready meals for retail and food service. The IQF-frozen base will keep for 12 months at -18°C.

At Plant Based World Expo, visitors can taste HME as a plant-based kebab. The dish will be complemented with a plant-based alternative to sour cream prepared as tzatziki. Other highlights are plant-based salami sticks for the snack business, a yogurt alternative with high protein content, sashimi-style salmon alternatives, and a plant-based alternative to whitefish filet. Along with all there is to see at the booth, in the Culinary Demo Theatre Florian Bark, Product Manager Plantbaser, will prepare a purely plant-based Caesar Salad. It is based on plant-based alternatives to parmesan and chicken breast filet marinated for extra flavor. The salad is topped off with an appropriate dressing that contains no egg. The product samples shown are based on the functional systems that Planteneers developed for food industry manufacturers.

Producers wishing to know more about how they can expand their portfolios with high-quality plant-based products with great future potential, should attend the Planteneers workshop at the conference. Dr. Pia Meinlschmidt, Team Lead Product Management, and Marine Laatz, Junior Business Development Manager, will show how companies can add to or improve their plant-based meat and fish product lines – and do it very simply with the help of the Plantbaser product configurator. The workshop for new product development is intended for manufacturers as well as representatives of food retailers looking for new ideas for their own brands.

The high moisture extrudate is also one of the highlights Planteneers is presenting at Fi Europe in Frankfurt, with a plant-based interpretation of kebab as a wrap with plant-based tzatziki accompanied by plant-based ayran. For dairy alternatives, Planteneers is also showing a protein-rich yogurt alternative and plant-based cheese alternatives. One example is a cheddar-style snack with elevated protein content, that is also enriched with a premix to contain the micronutrients of regular cheese. Planteneers developed this concept together with sister company SternVitamin. Another product is a plant-based alternative to parmesan, which Florian Bark will present in a show cooking with Ceasar salad, with a marinated chicken breast alternative and a new plant-based dressing.  For more visit PBWE, London, stand C24 / Fi-Europe, Frankfurt, stand 3.1D160 or planteneers.com

David Cox / IDM

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