Sealing and re-closable lids complete the pack

Date: 20.10.2021Source: Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging has developed a range of two-in-one sealing and re-closable lids which are designed to work with its established and successful direct-printed, sleeved and K3 cardboard-plastic combination packaging solutions.

First developed in 1997, for the Czech Republic’s largest milk processor Madeta, the unique sealing and resealable solution is now Greiner Packaging’s USP in the region and is used for cream butters by four dairies in Czechia, two dairies in Slovakia, and is also used for mustard products.

Says Petr Šimek, Sales & Marketing Manager, Greiner Packaging: “Since 1997, Greiner Packaging has delivered a considerable amount of cup + lid packs into the Czechia and Slovakian markets. The unique sustainable solution replaces the use of non-resealable aluminium and uses up to 30% less plastic than alternatives. It is also 100% recyclable as it is a monomaterial, with both the cup and lid made from polypropylene (PP). The unique solution has been designed to solve issues around hot-filling at 65-75˚C, without the cup deforming on cooling. Using the sealing and re-closable PP lid on Greiner Packaging’s 100% recyclable K3 pack also creates a monomaterial when the cardboard outer wrap – which is made from 100% recycled paper – is removed for recycling.”

Greiner Packaging’s customers benefit from a complete and reliable turnkey solution, from a local supplier, which is lighter in weight and uses less plastic than alternatives. The resealable aspect adds convenience is ideal for larger sized family packs which are becoming increasingly popular.

The resealable lid concept was developed at AT Kremsmünster in 1996 as one of Greiner Packaging’s ‘do the innovation’ projects and won ‘Packaging of the Year’ in the Czech national ‘Obal Roku’ awards. For more visit greiner-gpi.com

David Cox / IDM

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