SIG announces early launch of tethered caps

Date: 05.05.2021Source: SIG

SIG has today announced that tethered caps will be launched for its beverage cartons in Europe in the second half of 2021, well ahead of the July 2024 deadline set by EU regulations.

The redesigned caps do not compromise on convenience and will be compatible with existing filling machines and closure applicators so customers can be confident investing in a long-term partnership with SIG to deliver food and beverages to consumers in a safe, sustainable and affordable way.

Customers choosing the company’s SIGNATURE packaging solutions will also get the additional environmental benefit of tethered caps made from polymers linked to 100% renewable, forest-based materials.

Said Ali Kaylan, SVP Innovation and VP Global Marketing at SIG: “Our new tethered cap solutions build on SIG’s strong track record on sustainable innovation as we go Way Beyond Good for people and the planet. By announcing the launch three years ahead of regulatory requirements, we are providing reassurance for customers as they prepare to comply with forthcoming EU regulations. Thanks to SIG’s flexible and adaptable systems, our tethered caps can be used with existing SIG filling lines and closure applicators, making our solutions a secure investment for the long-term.”

The European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive includes a requirement for all single-use beverage containers to come with their caps attached by July 2024 to help ensure the caps are disposed of and recycled together with the rest of the pack.

SIG has developed tethered caps ready for market launch well in advance of the 2024 deadline to reassure customers that SIG remains the right partner to help them meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging and stay ahead of European regulatory requirements.

SIG’s tethered caps will be launched initially for the closures used with its most popular packs in Europe. The tethered domeTwist will be available for SIG’s carton bottle combidome, as well as tethered combiMaxx and tethered combiSwift options for SIG’s core family-size carton portfolio. Together, these account for around 90% of SIG’s European closures by volume.

The new tethered caps are designed to be used with existing SIG filling lines and closure applicators, with no major capital expenditure required by customers. Indeed, compatibility with existing SIG filling lines and customers’ existing packaging designs, secondary packaging and logistics was a key consideration in the design of SIG’s tethered caps. This demonstrates a flexibility and adaptability that enables customers to be confident in SIG’s packaging and filling solutions as a secure investment for the future.

SIG’s tethered caps use a robust double-hinge solution that proved highly suitable for consumers during market research. When the pack is opened for pouring, the cap can be firmly fixed at the desired position by pressing it down until it clicks. This means the consumer can pour from the pack without the cap getting in the way and without needing to hold down the cap with their fingers. To close the pack, the cap is simply lifted slightly before closing in the usual way.

There is no compromise in convenience when pouring or drinking from the pack, and tethering the cap to the pack adds convenience by avoiding the cap getting lost. The pack can be opened and closed easily as needed until it’s empty, then the cap and the pack can be recycled together. For more visit sig.biz/en/responsibility/way-beyond-good

David Cox / IDM

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