Sirte installs PET Technologies blow molding machine

Date: 13.02.2022Source: PET Technologies

The resort of Pajas Blancas, in the southwest of the department of Montevideo is the home of the Sirte plant dedicated to the production and bottling of water and soft drinks. There, 150m down is the source of the natural mineral water which is carried to the surface by the stainless steel pipes straight to the plant, where it is filled into glass and PET containers.

With the company’s importance outside the resort growing and the consumption of bottled water increasing, home water distribution became one of the pillars that led to the expansion of the Sirte Company. Thus, the fruitful cooperation between PET Technologies and Sirte was born. The well-known bottling company from Uruguay contacted the European manufacturer of PET stretch blow molding machines to implement the project to manufacture its own PET bottles.

It was the APF-3002 model that perfectly met the needs of the Sirte Company with its output of 3000 bph with the equipment integrated into the water and carbonated soft drink filling line.

What are the benefits of the machine?

  • Blow mold quick change allows to produce several presentations in the same equipment without down time;
  • The oriented bottle outfeed allows the equipment to be integrated into the filling line of any brand;
  • Simple logic, PLC and manuals in Spanish make operation and maintenance easy;
  • Intense preform heating and its simultaneous cooling allows to produce bottles with sophisticated designs.

The APF-3002 blowing machine helps to make the formats of 0.6 L, 1.65 L, 2.32 L. They are sold in bags of 6 units each. All the bottles have the same design that makes the product recognisable in the market. The containers are ergonomic and reflect the product inside. Water droplets decorate the narrowing line of the bottle. The cavities for the finger hold make it comfortable to handle, especially the familiar formats.

“When You Drink Water Remember the Source “, says a Chinese proverb. Enjoying the soft taste of Sirte water, let’s remember its origin – a resort with more than 100 years of history. Taking the bottle in your hands, you will remember the technology – PET blowing machine made by PET Technologies. For more visit pet-eu.com

David Cox / IDM

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