Sponsored: Boosting gut health with chicory root fibres

Date: 17.04.2023Source: BENEO


Today, there is growing understanding of the role that the gut plays in shaping our health. As a result, consumers are increasingly aware of diets and foods that can support this important organ. One effective way to strengthen gut health is to regularly add fibre to the diet. Dairy products, in particular, have a suitable image for fibre enrichment, as they are considered natural and healthy by conscious consumers. By emphasizing their benefits for gut health, manufacturers can add even more value to these products.

However, not all fibres offer the same nutritional and health-related benefits. Prebiotics, such as BENEO’s chicory root fibres play a role in selectively promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut. The beneficial effects of inulin and oligofructose, the only proven plant-based prebiotics, have been demonstrated in more than 150 human intervention studies.

Less fat and sugar – same taste

In addition to their effects on health, chicory root fibres provide technological properties that allow to create fat or sugar-reduced products with less calories. For example, Orafti® Inulin can be used to reduce the fat content in foods such as desserts, ice cream or yogurt, while maintaining the desired creamy mouthfeel. Inulin and oligofructose can also partially replace sugar in end products. For example, using Orafti® Oligofructose in an ice cream recipe can reduce the sugar content by 30 per cent.

BENEO’s non-GMO fibre portfolio also includes a carefully cultivated and selected organic chicory root fibre variant, promising the same sensory, nutritional and technological properties.

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