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Date: 01.04.2024Source: SPX FLOW

Most people turn to non-OEM parts for one of two reasons: price and/or availability. At SPX FLOW, we understand that both these issues are important to you, but that the most important things are uptime, safety, and that your equipment runs at optimal performance. It’s also important to note that when you install a third-party aftermarket part into an existing original equipment scenario – this can void your warranty. That’s because all our parts are engineered to work seamlessly within the process function for which they were designed. Even the tiniest bit of lag or play can impact efficiency, become a potential safety hazard for your employees, or cause a process line to go down until a proper replacement part is ordered and installed. That’s why no amount of downtime, and certainly no potential safety hazard, is worth saving a few bucks on “might fit” parts. As far as availability is concerned, we maintain a large inventory of genuine OEM spare parts that are available to ship virtually anywhere. Fast.

Don’t take unnecessary risk. Order genuine OEM APV and Waukesha Cherry- Burrell (WCB) parts from SPX FLOW today, and rest assured you made the right decision.



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