Sponsored: Rice ingredients for plant-based milk alternatives

Date: 01.10.2023Source: BENEO


Plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and dairy desserts have been booming for years – a development that is also causing many dairies to expand their production. However, production is fraught with technological and sensory challenges. BENEO offers a wide range of rice ingredients that facilitate the production of tasty milk alternatives.

Cow’s milk and the products made from it offer numerous nutritional benefits. Nevertheless, more and more consumers are turning to plant-based alternatives and the number of flexitarians is on the rise. The latter is considered the driving force behind the sharp increase in demand for plant-based alternatives.

Flexitarians fuel the market

When it comes to dairy items, flexitarians still like to enjoy cheese and dairy desserts – but supplement or replace these with plant-based solutions from time to time. The pandemic has also changed the purchasing, nutritional and cooking behavior of many consumers. Topics such as sustainability and health have become even more prominent.

Advantages of rice and BENEO’s specialties

Rice and derivatives made from it, such as rice starch and rice flour, are ideal for use in dairy alternatives. Rice is neutral in taste and therefore eliminates the need for masking ingredients. In addition, BENEO’s rice ingredients are gluten-free and hypoallergenic.

Rice starch in particular scores with its special technological properties and high process stability. In milk substitutes, it ensures a creamy, full mouthfeel because the starch particles, at two to eight micrometers, correspond to the size of fat droplets. In addition, rice starch enables fat reduction in many applications. It can also be added to foods with complex textures such as chocolate mousse, ice cream or cream fillings.

With its extensive rice starch portfolio, BENEO offers a good selection for the production of plant-based milk alternatives. Read more


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