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Date: 01.01.2024Source: Hazeleger Kaas


Hazeleger Kaas, a family-owned business based in Barneveld, the Netherlands, specializes in slicing and packaging cheese for third parties. The company manages the entire cheese processing chain, from slicing and packaging to distribution. Additionally, Hazeleger Kaas purchases cheese, packages it, and sells it under its own brand to wholesalers and the industry.

Their primary focus is on packaging cheese for third parties, collaborating with nearly all Dutch cheese producers. Companies like FrieslandCampina and A-Ware, although packing their cheese, rely on Hazeleger Kaas for certain products that require specialized handling or when dealing with smaller quantities and unique products. Their expertise shines in managing orders as small as 150 kg, making them an attractive partner for customers with special products or smaller orders.

Despite their proficiency in handling frequent order changes, they also serve customers with larger volumes. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the cheese is cut into wedges, slices, cake pieces, cheese blocks for the industry, half loaves or rectangular pieces. Customised solutions are also possible. After slicing or cutting, the cheeses are packaged in outer packaging tailored to transportation conditions.

In the realm of packaging, the predominant trend is environmental consciousness. There is a push for mono-packaging and film reduction. Efforts to develop biodegradable film have been ongoing, though they haven’t been entirely successful. Environmental awareness is a priority, but balancing it with product protection remains a challenge. Nonetheless, there are promising developments in the packaging market.

Customers seeking packaging services can choose from various options, including trays, thermoformed packaging with or without vacuum, vacuum shrink packaging, and resealable packaging. Hazeleger Kaas primarily deals with hard and semi-hard cheeses, focusing on Dutch varieties with a few foreign options.
Over the past decade, the company has experienced significant growth in its cheese packaging and slicing operations, now employing over 300 individuals.

Hazeleger Kaas

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