Swiss milk processors turn down farmers call for higher milk prices

Date: 16.08.2022Source: Food aktuell

Swiss milk producers are demanding higher prices because production costs have risen. For their part, milk processors are under pressure and are also affected by rising costs.

Overall, agriculture is facing additional costs of around CHF900m, according to the Swiss Farmers’ Union and Swiss Milk Producers. The associations are demanding that the milk price be increased by 5 Rappen. The demands are prompted by upcoming price negotiations on 24 August.

The dairy industry points out that at the last board meeting of the milk sector organisation in March, the current target price was set until the end of the year. According to Jacques Gygax, Director of the Fromarte cheese dairy association, it would be a breach of trust if the milk producers were to abandon this. A milk price increase is not possible for the cheese dairies, because some of them are already struggling to make ends meet, Gygax explains, pointing to the fact that export volumes are falling by up to 20%.

Hochdorf also rejects a further increase in the milk price, saying that it would further burden the industry, which is already under heavy pressure from higher raw material and energy prices.


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