Yili Cheese Yogurt wins several design awards

Date: 08.06.2020Source: Ecolean

With the Ecolean multi-design printing technique, Yili has created several, cohesive, designs with different buzz words on each package. They are skilfully playing with the spoken sound of “cheese” and “knowledge” to create multiple sayings which became popular on social media and gained attention of young consumers. Yili cheese yogurt shows very good sales growth after launch on the market in May 2018. Thanks to the creative design and advertising the yogurt has been widely noticed and presented with several awards:

  • The 19th IAI (International Advertising Awards): Silver award, 2019
  • The 9th Entertainment Marketing 5S Golden Award: Golden award, 2019
  • The 3th Golden Craftsman Award: Bronze award (B2C best intergrade marketing), 2019

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David Cox / IDM

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