‘Microbiome and Metabolic Health’ webinar at Vitafoods Virtual Expo

Date: 08.09.2020Source: ADM

ADM will be sharing expert insights in a new webinar on the role of the microbiome and metabolic health at Vitafoods Virtual Expo (7-11 September 2020).  During the webinar, Richard Day, head of medical affairs for ADM will explore emerging global trends and share recent advances in microbiome research and microbiome therapeutics.

With both the scientific understanding and consumer awareness of gut health and its link to overall well-being continuing to rise, this is a key topic that is of increasing interest to consumers and manufacturers alike.

The webinar, entitled The Microbiome and Metabolic Health, will be available on demand throughout the event and will focus on:

  • The epidemiology of metabolic health
  • The current landscape of microbiome research relevant to metabolic health
  • The most recent pre-clinical and clinical evidence relevant to metabolic health
  • ADM’s solutions and their role in metabolic health

In addition to the webinar, ADM will be actively participating in the event, showcasing its microbiome solutions:

  • For metabolic health: BPL1 and HT BPL1
  • Skin health probiotic blends


David Cox / IDM

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