Positive trade balance

Date: 09.01.2021Source: VÖM

In the first nine months of 2020, exports of Austrian dairy products increased by 4.7% to €985m. Imports fell by 0.2% to €613m, resulting in a positive balance of €372m (+ 14%). The most important foreign trade product is cheese, 118,000 t worth €498m were exported, while 96,000 t were imported for €373m. In the case of butter, 2,800 t were exported and 12,800 t imported, fermented products, yoghurt and the like, yielded € 116 million in exports and € 39 million in imports, liquid dairy products € 236 million in exports and €61m in imports, dried products €44 m in exports and €51m in imports. Whey products earned €76m in exports and products for €37m were imported. The most important export countries were Germany and Italy, followed by China and the Netherlands. Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were also the most important import countries, with France in fourth place.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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