WWF demands radical change of diet

Date: 11.10.2020Source: IDM


WWF has launched the international platform “Planet Based Diets”. It aims to show how food choices can help ensure a “healthy planet” and healthy eating. Planet Based Diets defines measures and recommendations for 147 countries.

WWF has concrete ideas on how to change nutrition. For example, the range of plant-based foods is to be expanded and agricultural subsidies are to be shifted from animal to plant production.

For consumers, this means consuming significantly less meat and fewer dairy products. According to WWF, the majority of the protein supply can be covered by the consumption of legumes, nuts and other plant seeds. Meat consumption is to be reduced to 14 grams per day, and consumers will also have to give up at least two-thirds of the dairy products currently consumed, WWF demand.

WWF believes that the main causes of emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are the unsustainable conversion of land for agriculture, intensive livestock farming and the consumption of wild animals.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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